After a long, long spell, Meray Pass Tum Ho has come to an end.

The drama's two-hour finale aired on Saturday, simultaneously being screened in major cinemas, with many flocking to see how the show comes to an end. And the flock was not happy.

Spoiler alert: Danish (Humayun Saeed) dies.

Considering Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar's previous work, it shouldn't have come as a surprise but people had hopes and aspirations and they did not enjoy this odd turn of events. There was more betrayal, drama, tears and heartbreak among fans than in the drama itself.

After the finale, this is how the writer justified the heartbroken lead's death.

Was this good enough for the audience? Doesn't look like it, as many turned to Twitter to share their thoughts.

How fans see Khalil ur Rehman's work now

There's a pattern here

Just reiterating, folks are NOT happy...

Like, at all

They feel betrayed

Some had thoughts about the acting

While some felt inspired

Of course, many were sad

Not doctors though

Some called it

And some made predictions