Saba Qamar finds her next feature film

Published 16 Jan, 2020 10:43am
After wrapping up Sarmad Khoosat's Kamli, the Cheekh actor has signed another movie.
After wrapping up Sarmad Khoosat's Kamli, the Cheekh actor has signed another movie.

Saba Qamar is not one to sit still; while we wait for the release of Kamli —a film directed by Sarmad Khoosat starring Qamar, it's good to know that the actor has already signed her next project.

JB Films and Mastermind Films recently announced their yet to be titled first feature film.

Speaking exclusively to Images, one of the film's producers, Hassan Zia, recently confirmed that Qamar will indeed play the role of the leading lady in their upcoming film.

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Zia said, "I was in Lahore a few weeks ago with my director to give [Qamar] a presentation on the screenplay and film. The first phase is when the actor agrees with the content, which Saba did. And then the second phase is the funding for the film, which we recently locked down as well. There were some problems with the dates, but that is being figured out."

"The film is being produced by Jamil Baig and myself. I'm quite happy to say that it's the first time he is on board as a producer on a film and is doing it with us. It's so important for such people to be part of our industry."

He continued, "We haven't finalised the release date yet. And the title of the film is yet to be decided as we're waiting to compose the music first. All that'll be decided in a few days. The dialogues and the screenplay has been written by Mohsin Ali and Saqib Khan, and Khan will be the director of the film. We're also going to finalise our leading man in a few days as well."

While all the characters have a serious flair to them, according to Zia, it's a light-hearted film—but not quite a comedy; something on the lines of Bhadaai Ho and Bareilly ki Barfi from across the border.

Images has reached out to Qamar for a comment.