Mansha Pasha and Junaid Khan's Kahay Dil Jidher just released a teaser trailer

Published 11 Jan, 2020 05:05pm

Images Staff

The upcoming flick stars Pasha as a journalist on a mission and Khan in the role of a fearless cop.

We reported back in September last year that Mansha Pasha and Junaid Khan were working together on a feature film.

Now, we finally have a teaser trailer for Kahay Dil Jidher:

From what we can deduce from the one minute clip is that Pasha and Khan play two friends who find themselves at a crossroads; she's a journalist on a mission and he's a fearless cop. There's a lot of action and the two seem to fit their roles like a glove but the teaser has a dated feel to it. Also, is Junaid Khan wearing a fake moustache?!

In an earlier interview with Images, Pasha had revealed, "The film is very different from anything I have ever done before. I've appeared in a lot of offbeat projects and this is very mainstream. It's a commercial film, very different from Laal Kabootar which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do it."

About the movie, she had said, "At the helm of it, it's a coming of age story that will definitely tap into the conscience of the audience as it does to the protagonist. The story is stitched together with song and dance, more specifically a dance number of Junaid and I!"

Kahay Dil Jidhar has been penned by Kamran Bari (who is also acting in the flick), produced by Wijdaan Films and is being directed by Jalal uddin Roomi; the film's cast also includes Atiqa Odho, Sajid Hasan and Roma Michael among others.

Kahay Dil Jidher will reportedly release on 20 March.