Photo: Kamran Baig. Hair & Make-up: Mizka
Photo: Kamran Baig. Hair & Make-up: Mizka

Singer and songwriter, Natasha Baig, has captivated audiences with her powerful vocals and energetic musical performances. But the 'young Abida Parveen' is now ready to launch her debut album onto the music scene.

Baig, who started her career in 2013 on a popular music show where she was selected as one of the six finalists—gained popularity when she opened Coke Studio's new season with a collaboration with Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwal on an improvised version of Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa.

Her debut album, called Zarya, is a ten-track album emblematic of her personal brand of music —a fusion of Sufi and rock. According to Baig, the album is an ode to breaking free from society's norms and finding her own path.

Speaking to Images, Baig says, "There’s no one sound in my album, I’ve tried to bring different flavours to it. But it does revolve around Sufi-rock. Some tracks have a ballad feel, then some are more melodious. I think people will have many options to choose from [in my album]."

Not only will Baig's album be released all over Pakistan, in addition to being released internationally, but she is also working on creating videos for them simultaneously.

She adds, "According to me, as a musician and a singer it was my duty to not only release my album but also their music videos. Our initial plan is to shoot 5 videos so that we can release them during the album release. But we're trying really hard to shoot videos for all ten tracks on the album. So I'm looking forward to that."

Speaking about her plans outside of Zarya, Baig has many musical collaborations lined up for this year. Baig say, "In this album, there are no collaborations, but other than the album there are a lot of collaboration people should be looking forward to. There are some new artists I’ve collaborated with; there’s Ali Safir, and Yaruq Malik from Islamabad, Faraz Khosa and even Ali Azmat. I’m not sure when these songs will be released though." Additionally, Baig is also working on a drama OST that is a duet with Ahmed Jahanzaib.

For now, Zarya is Baig's current venture. But audiences should look forward to her collaborations making it to the airwaves. But Baig is not one to stop there and wants to start cooking her second album in the oven.

While we can't wait for her first album, it's good to know there are many more on the cards.