07 Jan, 2020

Sajal Aly's got many fans across the border ever since she appeared in the 2017 Bollywood flick, Mom alongside Sridevi and Adnan Siddiqui.

One of those admirers is Indian model and actor, Sonam Bajwa.

While chatting with BBC Asian Network's Haroon Rashid, the Street Dancer actor revealed that not only was she a fan of Sajal but also the Pakistani entertainment industry in general.

"I'm the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Aly. She is phenomenal and I feel so happy sharing that I've learnt so much from her, she's extarordinary and I think you'd agree. She's the best actress and the finest actress of our times...I really look up to her."

She added, "I'm watching Alif, Mere Pass Tum Ho, Yeh Dil Mera. You'd be quite surprised, I live in Bombay but I mostly work in Punjab, it's a small industry, we don't have much to do or know but I know all about what's happening in Pakistan's entertainment industry, I know all the celebs, I know everything. I have some really close Pakistani friends, I know Sajal personally, Rabia [Butt] also. I religiously follow Pakistani dramas and I think they're so amazing."

Sajal even responded to Bajwa's comments on her Instagram story, sharing "@sonambajwa, you're a sweetheart and thank you so much for your love."

Bajwa will be appearing next in the upcoming Punjabi film, Jinde Meriye and will be making a cameo in Varun Dhawan's Street Dancer.


M. Saeed Jan 07, 2020 04:29pm
Gold is a gold in any orientation.
Vijay Jan 07, 2020 08:40pm
Good, Politics should never transcend into art .
Pak-uk Jan 07, 2020 11:02pm
Sajal is indeed a brilliant actress. Good to see love are respect for each other across the borders.
Taj Jan 08, 2020 12:09am
Who is Sonam Bajwa?
A Jan 08, 2020 12:19am
Nobody knows Sonam Bajwa In India. But she's a good girl trying to make it in small Punjabi industry
Daskalos Jan 08, 2020 02:14am
I am the biggest fan of both Sonam Bajwa and Sajal Aly. Amazing ladies.
sixes Jan 08, 2020 08:39am
Sajal Aly is beautiful and very talented ac tor. I would say, she is made to act. She acts naturally and audience are very comfortable watching her drama serials. May she stay blessed.
JustSaying Jan 08, 2020 01:40pm
Let there be Friendship everywhere..Let there be Love and Peace on the Planet in these times of Hatred...