Bollywood celebrities are finally speaking up about the Citizenship Amendment Act

Bollywood celebrities are finally speaking up about the Citizenship Amendment Act

As the protests against the CAA continue, it's becoming harder to stay silent.
19 Dec, 2019

The recent passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act has led to many protests in India, with quite a few people speaking up about the matter and condemning the act.

Recently, one of the protests by students of Jamia Millia Islamia University took a dark turn when the police used violence and excessive force against the protesters.

At the time, only a handful of Bollywood celebs - and John Cusack - spoke up about the matter, calling out the police brutality. Actor Sushant Singh was one of the few to partake in the protests himself.

But slowly, as the protests continue, it's becoming harder and harder to stay silent. It seems like a few have found their voice:

They stood in solidarity with the students

Some couldn't help but share their dismay

While others rightfully questioned what's to come

These guys made a call for action

Gentle reminder that silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor


Changez Khan Dec 19, 2019 02:20pm
Beating the future of a nation is not a wise thing to do.
Wahid Dec 19, 2019 02:22pm
Silence and inaction in the face of oppression and injustice is tentamount to complicity. Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere. Stand up and be counted!
Rajan Dec 19, 2019 02:46pm
Every patriotic Indian should loudly condemn CAA.This is not a time to remain a silent spectator. No govt has a right to change the fundamental secular spirit of Indian constitution . And that is exactly what our current BJP govt is trying to do
Irfan UK Dec 19, 2019 03:18pm
These are very courageous people to stand up against injustice in a country like India but they are few and far in between. More Indians need to come forward. We in Pakistan have already learnt a hard lesson in the past for supporting the Taliban and we are still paying for it. Indians downfall has started with Modhi but its a big shame because we really don't want our neighbor to suffer as we did.
Haris Dec 19, 2019 04:18pm
Late but not too late. Anurag Kashyap is blatantly truthful.
Anujit Dec 19, 2019 06:16pm
Kudos to all of you.
Fida Dec 19, 2019 06:24pm
Doesn't matter what society or country one belongs, as a citizens of the world, one should stand up and support the victims of the atrocities, who are mistreated by individuals, organization or the country.
M. Saeed Dec 19, 2019 11:03pm
Every student uprising in the world politics has toppled the sitting Government.
Zak Dec 19, 2019 11:33pm
Time for secular sane voices to become vociferous.
Vijay B. Dec 20, 2019 05:34am
Although, the secularism and equality stated in the Indian constitution definitely applies to all Indian citizens, it is not extended to non- citizens. or even those who are about to be accepted as citizens. If the Indian government chooses to extend certain privileges to a select group of people based on whatever criterion be it race, color, national origin, gender or religion, for reasons it decides to be in the best interest of the country, it has the privilege and authority to do so. For instance if it passes a law that is for the betterment of women it does not have to pass a corresponding law for men also. Similarly, if it passes a law applicable to provide shelter to a certain group of people, due to mercy or empathy, the same law doesn't have to be applicable to all the people of the world. The Indian government has chosen to give a helping hand to non-Muslims who are oppressed in neighboring Muslim countries and where Muslims are not oppressed. what is wrong with that?
Worthless Wealth. Dec 20, 2019 06:17am
This is where and when "NATURE" takes turn to play it's part!
Fakhir Dec 20, 2019 07:16am
We should always speak against oppression. This is a show of you control over your conscience
Sayyar Khan Dec 20, 2019 11:27am
This is the Great India the world knows. Not Modi India.
Bharat Dave Dec 20, 2019 05:21pm
@Rajan OK. Point taken.
Jahan Ara Dec 20, 2019 08:24pm
Salute to all the brave artists who supported the oppressed minority in a country like India. These artists are real heroes.
Malik Dec 26, 2019 03:22pm
What a human being Sushant Singh, my deepest love and admiration