The Federal Ministry of Law and Justice in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to Pakistan and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has released two short films as part of the #TimeForRealHonour campaign to raise awareness against violence against women and so-called honour’ killings.

The first public service message centres around the father of a young schoolgirl who believes his daughter has brought dishonour to his family.

Plagued by gossiping locals in his neighbourhood, who tell him the consequences of her actions and how he would be the one bringing shame dishonour to their community, Tragedy soon follows when he realises that he got it so badly wrong.

Two-time Academy Award-winner and three-time Emmy Award-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's production company has also created the Aagahi series, which highlights laws against ‘honour’ according to the Constitution, with a step by step guide about the laws and resources available for survivors and families alike.

The video includes contact information for various helplines and counseling services and legal support services available to women affected by ‘honour’ crime in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Law and Justice and the EU Delegation are also collaborating with SOC Films for a mobile cinema project, where SOC Films will be taking videos from the Aagahi series on tour across Pakistan to raise awareness.

According to some estimates, over a thousand women are killed each year on the pretext of ‘honour’, despite legislation introduced in 2016.