Theatre artists in Swat perform a play about minority rights

Published 09 Dec, 2019 10:50am

Play Manzaloona was also an attempt to talk about the revival of theatre in Swat.

Theatre artists and experts said here the other day that theatre had an effective role in raising awareness of issues and there was a need to revive it for the young generation.

They were speaking at the end of a mobile theatre show titled Manzaloona which was organised by Kadam communication and consultants at Wadudia Hall. Students, teachers and civil society members attended the show.

According to the organisers, the show was aimed at raising awareness regarding rights of minorities and women and importance of education.

“Theatre show has been an influential medium from time immemorial having a strong impact on people. It remained one of the most popular forms of entertainment and tool for spreading information,” said Noorul Bashar Naveed, a drama writer, columnist and poet. He said that every college and university should have a dramatic society for arranging theatre shows.

He said that the youth could become good writers, actors, producers and directors if they were given opportunities in the field.

Zahida Tanha, an artist and poetess who performed in the theatre show, said that theatre was one of the strongest media as it left immediate and long-lasting impact on viewers. She hoped that the use of theatre would be revived.

She said that it was the collective responsibility of all responsible persons in the government and non-governmental organisations to take steps for the revival of theatre and stage drama.

Adnan Ismail, a student of Government Jahanzeb College, said that he was inspired by the live show for the first time. He said the subject of the show seemed that it was a story from their lives.

Other participants said that such healthy activities should be organised regularly in Swat.

Originally published in Dawn, December 9th, 2019