Photo by Kashif Rashid
Photo by Kashif Rashid

While Call vocalist turned actor Junaid Khan is gearing up for his big film debut, he's decided to try out another new venture along the way.

The Ishq Tamasha star is set to properly launch his YouTube channel for the purpose of connecting with his fans.

His first video is already out where he introduces his vlog and also throws in a workout session.

Khan shared, “Given the fact that I already had a YouTube channel for my music, it seemed natural for me to use it as a medium to connect with my fans, and give them a closer look into my life.”

Junaid Khan's YouTube channel will focus on fitness, health, and lifestyle and he'll also share personal and candid moments with his audience. Considering he named his channel 'Call Junaid Khan', we really hope we get to see some music as well.