Students are our future. Lets treat them like it.
Students are our future. Lets treat them like it.

Folks across the country are uniting for the Student Solidarity March happening today on Friday.

Students, their parents and professors, graduate workers, farmers, and trade unionists will take a stand, to march against fee hikes, surveillance and harassment of students on campus, and the students' right to a form or partake in union activity.

It's taking place in around 40 locations throughout the country.

The march itself has 10 basic demands, with each province or region adding their own specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.

In order to express the importance of the march itself, many have taken to Twitter to open up about why they will join the march.

They are the future

So treat them like it

Time to be heard

Stop these restrictions

Education shouldn't be sexist

We love the creativity

It's about time for change

And equality

We've all been there