Parents and flight attendants have united on Twitter to mock your life choices

Published 28 Nov, 2019 03:12pm

Images Staff

The latest meme trend is hilarious and sad at the same time.

Are you a doctor? Yes? Great, now leave.

For everyone else, a new joke trend on Twitter has kicked off that'll remind you of how you aren't a doctor - in other words, a failure in the eyes of society and your family.

And yes we mean the medical practitioners who have co-opted the term and not those who have earned a doctorate. Points if you get the Captain Holt reference:

Forget the Urdu PhD

In this economy?

Personally attacked!

How bout 3 stars then?

It won't?

Here we thought this was the future

Someone call Pagliacci

Parents are never influenced

Even the engineers!?

And then you snap