Guitarist Faraz Anwar sends legal notice to Emirates Airlines for copyright infringement

Guitarist Faraz Anwar sends legal notice to Emirates Airlines for copyright infringement

The guitarist accused the airline of ignoring previous legal notices and attempts at communication.
24 Oct, 2019

Mizraab frontman Faraz Anwar made public a longstanding legal dispute with Duabi’s airline Emirates Airlines on Wednesday, alleging that the airline has made the band’s music available on its in-flight entertainment platform, ICE, without permission since 2017.

The guitarist shared a legal notice sent to Emirates Airlines in September and accused the airline of ignoring previous legal notices and attempts at communication.

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“I am writing this post after many months of attempting to contact Emirates Airline through proper legal channels,” wrote Anwar.

“They have disrespected my legal rights and have used my album and songs on their in-flight entertainment system for years without paying me a single cent or even taking permission from me.It is unbelievable that an international company which is so highly reputed would grossly ignore an artist’s Intellectual Property Rights.”

Replying to a comment regarding if other musicians whose work has been used should also send the company notices, Anwar replied: "Yes, they should. It's not their property, only I give my music license to brands and I have given it to Coke, Nescafe etc."


haris Oct 24, 2019 05:20pm
Good, at least that would be a lesson for many others.
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Saira Oct 24, 2019 05:21pm
Unbelievable!This matter should be followed up to the highest level if Emirates keeps behaving so unprofessionally!
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Sami Arshad Oct 24, 2019 05:53pm
Faraz bhai, let it be.
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Bhaijan Oct 24, 2019 05:55pm
The guy wants affordable publicity through statements from home. Listening of music in cars or planes is no big deal. To gather proofs and witnesses are impossible. He should go to Dubai and file his case there, rather facing music himself at home.
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M. Saeed Oct 24, 2019 06:35pm
In-flight entertainment is not a business proposition. The guitarist should in fact be grateful to Emirates Air, for giving him the free publicity.
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usman Oct 24, 2019 06:37pm
I think its greediness. If it's on an airline than you are getting fame and you are not a James bond, who is a world-famous artist.
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Saif Oct 24, 2019 06:56pm
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Imran Oct 24, 2019 08:33pm
Contact canadian or usa or uk legal team with bog share to them and then see how they will be straighten up and pay uiu millions or settle down the matter out of court .....
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St Mercury Oct 24, 2019 09:57pm
Go for it . Good luck.
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Oz Oct 24, 2019 10:27pm
Respect his stance, but and massive but, I think he can be a bit more grateful that they are giving him a free marketing. I mean he is not exactly a super star yet. It would be embarrassing for him if Emirates revealed how many times people have actually listen to his song.
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Hamid Shafiq Oct 24, 2019 11:16pm
Nothing should happen
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Yawar Oct 25, 2019 01:23am
Emirates/Dnata is taken over by the indians, from sweeper to accountant, all from india so it is obvious they will steal Pakistani music.
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Imran Khan Oct 25, 2019 04:11am
No one cares for Pakistani artist, if this was indian or US or British artist they would not dare to ignore and wouldnt think of even doing this
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Khan Kaptaan Baba Oct 25, 2019 08:38am
lets see...
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bhaRAT Oct 25, 2019 11:26am
At least this gives your music a platform (to maybe be played). I love rock and metal but your vocals don't tie with the genre man. Get a new singer and you keep concentrating on playing guitars, Faraz.
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Faraz ka fan Oct 25, 2019 09:31pm
@usman he is a superstar. He was awarded Outstanding Musical Achievement Award from Berkley College of Music.
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