Mahira Khan is ready to strut the ramp at Paris Fashion Week

Mahira Khan is ready to strut the ramp at Paris Fashion Week

"It’s going to be a joint decision with L'Oreal," said the actor when asked what she'll wear.
Updated 27 Sep, 2019

Mahira Khan’s at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) right now and honestly, it’s sent local media in a tizzy of excitement.

Mahira, after all, is one of the country’s foremost actresses. She loves fashion and she speaks eloquently. It’s a proud moment that she’s representing the country at one of the world’s most prestigious, most fashionable platforms.

And about time too. Why shouldn’t Pakistan, with its burgeoning fashion and entertainment industry, not be represented at important global events, just like all other countries? Why shouldn’t the women of Pakistan, spreading their wings and setting new benchmarks, not be lauded internationally for their achievements?

Mahira is the spokesperson for L’Oreal Pakistan and at the risk of sounding clichéd, we’re borrowing the brand’s tagline and proclaiming that she’s absolutely ‘worth it’.

The announcement that the actress was in Paris was made yesterday but it was something that we had been wondering about for some time now. Last year, Mahira had walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in her capacity as the official spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris Pakistan Haircare. This year, when she hadn’t attended the event, it had raised eyebrows. We had been told that she will be attending Paris Fashion Week instead.

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Oh Cannes you have a piece of my heart! Thank you for taking us in with open arms, you were warm and generous. I wish I could pen down my entire experience but that’ll be a long love letter for another time. However there are a few things I want to relay to all of you. As I sat in the car on my way to the airport I realised that I felt more empowered than ever before. And the reason was because of the amazing women that I met over the last three days. All these talented women had one thing in common - they lifted each other up. They were supportive and kind. They had each other’s backs. And that is the only (if any) key to success. It is empowering to sit with women and speak about the lines under your eyes or how fast your children are growing up. It’s a relief when it is your first time on the red carpet with hundreds of people photographing you, to get a ‘you’ve got this’ from the girl whose done this like a dream so many times. It was even more amazing to get all these lovely msgs from my industry back home. And the best family and friends one could ask for. Aah and my fan family, how I love thee! We are nothing alone, and that is something life keeps teaching me time and again. My @seherhafeez I love you. @amarfaiz for giving it your all. @shakeelbinafzal for keeping up with the insanity and @manekaharisinghani for being there always💞 Loreal Pakistan 🇵🇰, we did it! Thank you loreal Paris for having us.. can’t wait to see you again! À bientôt, Love love love X #lorealparis #lorealcannes #lorealpkatcannes #cannes2018 Ramzan Mubarak to all✨🌙 📸 by @happymonday 💞

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And so she is. On Saturday, 28 September 2019, Mahira will join the leading ladies of L’Oreal Paris and will be walking on a ramp under the Eiffel Tower. Who will she be wearing? We don’t know yet and when we talked to Mahira, even she was still deciding!

“It’s going to be a joint decision with the brand,” she said.

The actress has already been posting some very savvy images of herself on the streets of Paris. And of course, she’ll be attending some glitzy soirees taking place around the city. Tonight, for instance, Mahira will be attending the ‘Cocktails for Lagerfeld’ event.

What will she be wearing there? She’s still deciding that too! But we’re sure that we’ll be seeing her outfit on Instagram soon! We’re cheering for you all the way, Mahira Khan!


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TR Sep 27, 2019 09:18pm
Have a safe trip.
Imtiaz Ali Khan Sep 27, 2019 09:29pm
Bless her beautiful woman.
Reborn Sep 27, 2019 11:41pm
She's confident enough to represent Pakistan internationally. More women need to do this. The international brands make millions from this country. They need to sponsor more.
N abidai Sep 28, 2019 07:43am
She is the best,each looks is spot on beautiful representation of Pakistan, superstar mahira ,audry Hepburn of Pakistan!
MJQ Sep 28, 2019 11:02am
She is looking like Emaan Khan in red dress.....