Farhan Saeed slams Bollywood composer Salim Merchant for plagiarism

Farhan Saeed slams Bollywood composer Salim Merchant for plagiarism

According to Saeed, Mechant's track, Haareya is a copy of his song, Roiyaan; the composer is calling it a coincidence.
14 Sep, 2019

Pakistani singer and actor, Farhan Saeed took to Twitter to slam Bollywood composer, Salim Merchant for ripping off his music.

Saeed wrote, "Someone just sent me Salim Merchant’s song Haareya, which is a total copy of my song Roiyaan. I wonder how they have the audacity to call themselves artists when they steal someone’s work.”

"Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to at least acha to kuro! (If you want to do it, at least ask and if you don't want to ask, at least execute it well)" he added.

Merchant, who works alongside his brother, Sulaiman Merchant responded to the Suno Chanda actor's tweet calling it aa "mere coincidence"; Farhan pointed out another coincidence, the fact that they also had the same lyricist!


Mir Jehan Zeb,MD Sep 15, 2019 11:13am
It is a compliment to Farhan Saeed that another notable composer was inspired by his music even if there was no coincidence.
Ali Sep 16, 2019 01:17am
Bollywood have copied all of Pakistani national and regional and qawaalis etc all type of songs.
isha Sep 16, 2019 02:23am
@Mir Jehan Zeb,MD you do realize getting inspired by another music composer's composition without credit or paying for royalty is a criminal offence around the world