An Imran Khan profile has left desi Twitter divided 

An Imran Khan profile has left desi Twitter divided 

Aatish Taseer's latest piece for Vanity Fair talks about Khan's journey from his playboy days to world leader.
Updated 13 Sep, 2019

Our prime minister is an intriguing man whose personality seems to elicit some pretty polarising opinions.

So it's no surprise that Aatish Taseer's profile of Imran Khan for Vanity Fair has done just that. In a piece written for a largely international audience, Taseer writes about how Khan "remains torn between his years as an Oxford-educated playboy and his growing role as a critic of Western decadence".

Of course desi folks are having a field day on Twitter:

A lot of people thought it was on point and incisive

Some thought it was an elitist flex on the writer's part (they wouldn't be wrong)

While you're just here like...


Fastrack Sep 13, 2019 04:52pm
Just when India is being confronted by IK around the world- and the voices keep getting stronger. Coincidence, right?
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