Who doesn't love a good reunion story? That's why we're hoping this one pans out.

Indian historian and author, Aanchal Malhotra took to Twitter to share one of her student's story, about her grandmother and her long lost friend, who went their separate ways during partition and split a pair of gold earrings between them "as a symbol of their everlasting friendship".

"Her paternal grandmother, Kiran Bala Marwah, five years old in 1947, and her friend, Noori Rahman, six years old, both hailed from the same neighbourhood in Poonch district, Jammu and Kashmir state. During Partition, Noori’s family decided to migrate to Pakistan, and Kiran and Noori divided a pair of gold earrings between them," she wrote.

"Seven decades later, when Nupur asked her grandmother about the Partition for a school project, Kiran Marwah took out the sole earring from her cupboard and ceremoniously bequeathed it to her. She had held on to it all these years with the hope that the pair might some day be united."

"With tears in her eyes, she confessed that her long lost friend had also inspired her granddaughter’s name, Nupur. ‘I then knew why she used to call me Noori from time to time,’ she wrote in the note. This is not the pair Kiran and Noori's earrings, I am yet to see them. I dream of the pair from time to time, and yet the story remains ever clear."

Malhotra called for Pakistani Twitter to help reunite the earrings and the female friends:

"Those reading this thread from across the border, if you have heard this story in your family and your grandmother Noori also has one part of a pair of earrings, then do get in touch. If only in the final years of their lives, Kiran and Noori should be reunited once again."

Do your magic, social media.

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