Pakistani Twitter criticises SRK's Netflix series for stereotyping Muslims

Pakistani Twitter criticises SRK's Netflix series for stereotyping Muslims

Didn't Mehwish Hayat JUST talk about how Bollywood needs to stop doing this? Yet Bard of Blood's trailer does just that.
Updated 23 Aug, 2019

The trailer for the Netflix series, 'Bard of Blood', produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, was released yesterday.

The seven-episode thriller series is based on a 2015 book of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi. The trailer starts with the capture of some Indian spies in Balochistan and that's how things go downhill from there.

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In a recent tweet, Shah Rukh Khan described it as "a thrilling tale of espionage, vengeance, love, and duty".

At a time like this, when tensions are at an all-time high between India and Pakistan and inaccurate depictions on media can do some serious harm, it is irresponsible to promote content which paints out Muslims and Pakistanis as terrorists instead of portraying them with some nuance.

Not to mention, this is a plot we've seen a million times before; at least get a little creative.

Audiences on Twitter are also not very pleased with the trailer:

This Twitter user spoke the truth

Mehwish was definitely spot on in her speech about how Bollywood needs to stop fueling Islamophobia

Seriously, WHEN will they stop stereotyping Muslims in their films?

You tell 'em, Mansha Pasha.

We expected better from you, SRK but at this point, we can't really say we're surprised.


Pakistani Aug 23, 2019 04:24pm
I will just not watch it. We cannot stop them making fiction, but we can boycott them.
Ismail Aug 23, 2019 04:36pm
Hollywood movies also does the same.
PakistanZindabad Aug 23, 2019 04:49pm
Sharukh Khan's heritage? I bet he doesn't care or is shameless. I bet his father and grandfather must be rolling in their graves, both were from Peshawar. He is now maligning his ancestors.
biza Aug 23, 2019 06:30pm
Letting go of abhinandan was a bad idea. Pakistani awam was thinking of being nice. Abhinandan should have been detained alongside yadav. Both were caught by pakistan, that is reality. Why don't you show that or the atrocities in Kashmir by indian forces. Show reality bollywood, not your fake fantasies. And you are holding on strong to the terrorist narrative created by the west. Haven't you got a brain of your own? Stop terrorizing karachi or balochistan to divert attention from kashmir. Maybe protray the lynching of cow vigilantes of muslim men?
jiju Aug 23, 2019 07:09pm
Disgusting but not surprising. Money is the mighty here.
Jimmy Aug 25, 2019 11:22pm
@PakistanZindabad. As much as I disagree with Shahrukh producing such content, lets leave ancestors out of this and be a bit more respectful. Two wrongs don't make it right.