This media platform wants to be the premium digital content creator from Pakistan

Published 20 Aug, 2019 10:00am

Images Staff

Dot Republic Media already has 6 short films ready to release starring some of your favourite actors

You know what we hate? Knowing our Pakistani entertainment industry has so much potential but seeing it get tied down by the will of business minded producers and brand sponsorship.

Looks like we aren't the only ones as a new digital media platform is aiming to let our artists break free from such restrictions and they've already kicked off the movement.

Dot Republic Media, in collaboration with Next Level Entertainment, has launched track ‘Aey Zindagi’ by Aima Baig and Nabeel Shaukat Ali to unveil the upcoming release of six short films coming soon.

According to a press release, the films will be starring Saboor Ali, Minal Khan, Muneeb Butt, Wahaj Ali, Hassan Ahmed, Furqan Qureshi, Faryal Mehmood, Ali Safina, Gul-e-Rana, Sabeena Farooq and many others.

"Global trends of content consumption are changing as everything is becoming on-demand. Our broadcasters and media aggregators could’ve easily taken charge of this opportunity, but we feel that behind their creative redundancy lies an amazing opportunity for us to explore," says Muhammad Adnan Butt, executive producer and CEO Dot Republic Media..

"Unlike others at this point we want to create content without [a] brand or broadcaster’s dictation and most importantly without integrating any regional players like Zee5, EROS, Voot etc. In 2020, we want to be considered as a premium digital content creator from Pakistan for South Asian audiences," says Butt.

"Working with Dot Republic on these short films was an amazing experience. Four directors, three writers working on six different stories featuring more than 20 artists; it certainly was a roller coaster ride full of emotions and a brand new experience for us as we worked on non-television content for a Pakistani audience" says Sana Shahnawaz, the producer of the short films.

The short films will be released on Youtube and a digital streaming service.