Shaneira Akram and George Fulton face off in the ultimate desi grocery shopping challenge

Shaneira Akram and George Fulton face off in the ultimate desi grocery shopping challenge

The duo recently shopped for ingredients that are a staple in most Pakistani households on Eid.
Updated 12 Aug, 2019

Nothing spells tradition like food, and when it comes down to Eid dawats, the spread is always an extravagant affair.

Be right back, drooling..
Be right back, drooling..

But shopping for the ultimate dawat dastarkhwan staples is no easy task.

Shaneira Akram and George Fulton recently attempted the 15-mins grocery challenge by Shan, and the adorable video has our heart!

The twist: Their list of ingredients was in Urdu, and in the allotted time they had to collect as many ingredients as possible (without any help, sigh!)

Sounds fun? Well, not so much when you're not a native Urdu speaker.

The duo, however, proved to be great sport!

Planning to put together your grocery list too? Here are some pointers we learned from the Shaneira-George challenge:

There's no Eid without meetha

Desi mithai or cakes, desserts are a must-have even if it's the meaty eid.

Biryani without aloo is a no-no

When shopping for veggies, get an extra kilo (or two) of aloo in your basket.

Shan masala is the key ingredient to our entire Eid menu

From BBQ to karahi and qorma to biryani, if you are well-stocked on Shan masala, you're sorted for Eid.

What are your shopping essentials when planning your Eid grocery list?

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ramu ramakesavan Aug 12, 2019 07:09am
Nice challenge. Very entertaining. Where is this huge shop?
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Parvez Aug 12, 2019 07:44pm
Is he the same George who we made into a minor celebrity ...... and he left Pakistan disgruntled and upset ?
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Jim Bo Aug 12, 2019 09:11pm
Well presented, you duo goras
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