The actress has responded to Jamal's ageist comments about how she's too old to be a heroine.
The actress has responded to Jamal's ageist comments about how she's too old to be a heroine.

After penning a heartfelt note on Instagram to thank fans for all their support, Mahira Khan has broken her silence over Firdous Jamal's sexist comments about her.

On Saturday, a clip from Faysal Qureshi's show started doing the rounds on social media in which guest Jamal shared: "I'm sorry to say if someone likes it or not, but Mahira is not heroine stuff. She's a mediocre sort of a model, she's not a good actress and is not a heroine."

Thankfully, peers from within the fraternity stood up for Mahira.

The Raees actor addressed the debacle in a recent Independent Urdu interview.

When asked what she thinks of the controversy, Khan replied, "I have said what I wanted to say. I usually don't say anything because people always have something to say about public figures. We are actors, of course people would say something about us, be they senior actors or fellow actors or public in general."

"I think this case has blown up because of social media and also because the entire industry jumped to my defense," she added.

"I am extremely thankful to them because in times like these, you find out how the industry feels about you. I didn't know it before since I'm not close to most people in the industry like that so this really meant a lot to me."

"As far as my reaction to his comment is concerned, I see that it's an opinion and one thing which really needs to be done is we control ourselves and respect each other as artists. If we don't respect each other then we really shouldn't be pointing out how other people are trolling celebrities. I think we should set an example by respecting each other first."

The actor also reiterated that she has already played the character of a mother in Humsafar and would be more than happy to play it again. "I plan on staying in the industry till I'm playing a grandmother and even a great grandmother and I actually look forward to that," she threw in with a sassy smile.