A recent exhibition featured artwork and performance art depicting mental health issues and other related concerns. Called 'The Ranjish Project', the event took place at Cinema 73 near Clifton Beach.

The event attracted a crowd of young students who could relate to the expressions and ideas of these artists.

It was very refreshing to see these young artists' friends support them while they performed such personal pieces.

Sarah Shamim, an A levels student, arranged this art exhibit with the help of other students who volunteered to assist her in bringing mental health issues to the public limelight.

Speaking to Images, Sarah said "I decided to essentially deviate from the traditional methods of awareness and also get young, local artists’ art out there. There were 7 visual artists, 6 of whom were femme people. The event was closed off with a lineup of poets and musicians".

One performance artist, Zabad Anwar performed her monologue piece called "light" which sheds light on the life of someone suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

The exhibit featured several art pieces depicting different elements under the larger umbrella of mental health. Ranging from oil paintings to sketches.