Will Smith's next opponent is himself.

The actor is ready to star in upcoming movie Gemini Man as an assassin that is being hunted by his own clone. Oh yes, there's a lot going on there and the trailer confirms it.

Will Smith stars as Henry, an elite assassin who has been cloned by the government and the double is now being used to finish Henry. There are also glimpses of a face-off between the two Wills, 25 years different in age. Not the kinda throwback we imagine with the prince of Bel Air.

Directed by Ang Lee, Gemini Man will be the first Hollywood movie to use the new VFX de-ageing technology to this extent.

The antagonist is being played by Clive Owen who is the government official behind the cloning experiment.The first trailer of the movie already showed the clone fight but the new one shows Junior's (the clone) side. Owen explains that he was created to have all the gifts of the assassin minus the pain.

Gemini Man promises some high-voltage action and is all set to release on 11th October, 2019.