If you remember the good ol' school/college/university days then chances are you weren't paying attention in class.

According to the latest trend on Twitter, you were a backbencher. And what do backbenchers do? Everything but study apparently. Sorry teacher.

The secret is out as dozens of tweets have started revealing what goes on at the end of a classroom. If you're a student now, maybe you should look away, this might motivate you to shift your seat.

It was always lunchtime

Ain't no party like a backbencher party

Couldn't hear the teacher over the noise

Well, you asked

It was all for research

And we never got caught!

We know when to be quiet

And now we're yawning. It's contagious!

We got too comfortable

Too comfortable

Remember playing stationary cricket?

It's just so catchy!

Every. Time.

Didn't see that coming did you?

It's not a strict rule is it?

And it's happening

Let's not give them any ideas