The drama also reunites the actor with Sanam Jung
The drama also reunites the actor with Sanam Jung

Zahid Ahmed has been pushing himself in his dramas and Main Na Janoo is no different.

The actor will be playing an ex-air force pilot who becomes blind which according to him, "is the biggest challenge as a character."

"Because you get the most expressions out of an actor through their eyes, or at least for me when I'm acting. If your eyes are taken away from you, it's definitely difficult." Ahmed's statement did feel a little ablest to us but we have a long way to go before our entertainment industry becomes accessible to all communities.

The drama is being produced by Adnan Siddiqui and Akhter Hussain and has been written by Noora Makhdoom.

Siddiqui shared the OST for the drama as well:

The drama will be directed by Furqan Khan who is a "young and energetic director who's very good to work with".

The actor will also reunite with Sanam Jung, with whom his last drama Alvida "was a great success and it was a lot of fun to come back and work with her". He added, "The highlight of the play is the return of Sanam."

"[I'm] very excited and people will get to see something different onscreen."

Main Na Janoo releases July 16.