The greatest World Cup final came down to the last ball of the Super Over as England edged over New Zealand by the virtue of having hit more boundaries to win their maiden title.

It was one riveting match, with all us starting the final rooting for New Zealand but then hoping the two could share the trophy.

New Zealand put a tough play on England and despite losing the World Cup, the team won our hearts with their amazing sportsmanship.

One man in particular became the star of the World Cup; Kane Williamson.

The man sealed the cricket series with 578 runs - fourth on the entire list - and took the Player of the Tournament award home. And his reaction to the victory was absolutely precious as he smiled and asked "Me?"

People may have been commenting on the match but just as many had taken to Twitter to pour out their love for the New Zealand captain and yeah, we get it.

You can say that again

Looks like only Kane didn't see it coming

Our hearts bleed

We've said it before, we'll say it again

Adding that to our wish list too