Looking back at Zaheen Tahira's most timeless characters

Updated 11 Jul, 2019 11:02am

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Zaheen's iconic roles will live on forever

Zaheen's iconic roles will live on forever
Zaheen's iconic roles will live on forever

The veteran actor, Zaheen Tahira breathed her last today but the legend and her iconic roles will never be forgotten.

On the sad occasion of her demise, here is us looking back at some of her timeless characters that will continue to breathe forever:

Khuda Ki Basti

Tahira played a widow who had to work hard to make both ends meet for her family of three kids in this legendary serial by Pakistan television in 1969.

The serial broke all popularity records in those days and was believed to be a television masterpiece due to its stellar cast (Qazi Wajid and Behroze Subzwari starring alongside Tahira) and gripping storyline.


In Dastak, a drama serial by PTV, Zareen Tahira was the wife of the protagonist, a lawyer played by Salim Nasir. The romantic, mini-serial was widely acclaimed for its fresh take on coming-of-age story and is a must-watch from our side.


Zareen Tahira played Khala jee, a diligent househelp who is almost like a family member. Her acting aptly portrayed the selflessness of the character.

Aroosa is another gem from the golden days of Pakistani television.

Barfi Laddu

Zareen aapa as dadi in this romantic, comedy series is the grandmother of Laddu and exercises strong control over her son, Iqbal halwaii.

The serial also stars Ali Safina and Sumbul Iqbal as leads and is a modern, light-hearted production which serves as an effective stress reliever.

Babban Khala ki Betiyan

Tahira played Babban in this longest running, Pakistani drama serial till date. She was seen as a worried mother who is actively looking for proposals for her six daughters.

The drama was an emotional roller coaster produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment.