Actual proof that we'll win the World Cup this year like we did in 1992
Actual proof that we'll win the World Cup this year like we did in 1992

If you're a Pakistan cricket team fan, you might want to change your calendars to 1992. The team's 2019 trajectory mirrors its 1992 campaign.

From mocking the '92' mei bhi' references, fans are slowly starting to believe '92' mei bhi'.

As the tournament panned out, the similarities have been uncanny, and almost impossible to ignore.

Seriously, this is happening.

Even the ICC was compelled to pull out their charts and compare and contrast the teams performance. Take a look for yourself!

They believe it enough to wonder about the next match and Pakistan's fate.

In 1992 after an embarrassing defeat to the West Indies by 10 wickets, the Pakistani Team led by skipper Imran Khan was pushed to the corner, 2019 was no different. After being thrashed by the Indies once again, the green shirts redeemed themselves by defeating England (and Zimbabwe in 1992!).

The third match was rained out, followed by the team being thrashed in their next two matches (in both the years) before they emerged victorious against the Kiwi's, ending the former's stellar winning streak and keeping the dream alive.

All of Pakistan pinned their hopes on India to win against England.

And also, they rolled out the humour, because that's what we do best on Twitter.

People aren't missing any chance to point out the similarities.

The hunt is on.

And it's all very logical.

But it's all important for our destiny.

And... for ourselves too.

Really, we need it.

But listen! Because we're replicating the year 92, don't forget that India lost to England in a comprehensive match on Sunday!

We're not surprised... because...

Also, maybe we're stretching it a little but the 1992 World Cup highlighted a new star for Pakistan, Inzamam-ul-Haq. This time around its his nephew, Imam ul Haq (though he hasn't really wowed us with his performance yet). The coincidences are uncanny!

In their sixth game in 1992, a Pakistani left-hand batsman named Sohail (Aamir) bagged the Man of the Match award.

Wait for it...

In their sixth game in 2019, Sohail Haris another left-hand batsman was credited for the Man of the Match award.

While we're at it, in 1992, former president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari was jailed. History repeats itself in 2019.

Now that we pretty much are in 1992, many including Shashi Tharoor reckon that Sarfaraz might end up taking office in the next few decades!

ESPN got our reaction spot on! Isn't this all of us today?!

92 or not, Team Pakistan have bounced back and fought valiantly, resiliently and comprehensively. We're rooting for them and hope we don't jinx it. Bring it home, boys!

Psst, In 1992, Disney released the animated movie, Aladdin. In 2019, Disney released the live action version of Aladdin. You know we had to!