Fawad Khan joined Khoobsurat because no one wanted to work with me, says Sonam Kapoor

Fawad Khan joined Khoobsurat because no one wanted to work with me, says Sonam Kapoor

I had to get Fawad from Pakistan and look what happened, he became a huge star, she continued.
01 Jul, 2019

Sonam Kapoor is the reason Fawad Khan got his big break in Bollywood...because no one else wanted to work with her.

In an interview with Filmfare, Kapoor spoke about her career in Bollywood, revealing that her preference of female-centric movies led to male actors refusing to work with her.

"I can’t explain how difficult it was to make Aisha. Do you know how much effort it took to make Khoobsurat? No hero wanted to work with me because it was called Khoobsurat. I had to get Fawad Khan from Pakistan. And look what happened. Fawad became a huge star. He had the confidence."

Can we just say kudos to Fawad Khan for not being hesitant towards a movie with a female lead? That was just very khoobsurat of him.

Sonam has also strived to feature in films that opt for a non-stereotypical representation and portrayal of female characters. From Khoobsurat to Raanjhanaa, Sonam has been known for playing feisty female characters unlike the usual docile portrayal of women in Bollywood.

Sonam did go on to open up about her career in Bollywood, mentioning that despite the tag of nepotism, she worked hard for every movie she’s worked in.

"Initially, when I came in the industry, everyone said she’s born with a silver spoon, they alleged nepotism, etc. They didn’t know that I had auditioned for Saawariya (2007), I had auditioned for Delhi 6 (2009) and that I’ve auditioned for every film I’ve worked in. I just was able to have the initial meeting. That was it,” said the actor.

Here’s hoping Sonam stands firm on her beliefs and continues to work in feature films that engage in social commentary.