Meera wants to know what happened to her in new Baaji song

Updated 31 Jul, 2019 12:24am

Images Staff

'Ye aaj mujh ko kya hua' dropped right before Baaji's release

Meera's film Baaji is ready for a big release but right before that we get another song from the film.

The latest track, a cover of Naheed Akhtar's 'Ye aaj mujh ko kya hua' dropped just a night before the film's release and we get a glimpse of Meera's happy and glam life.

Jamal Rahman recreates the track from the 70's with Natasha Noorani and Aima Baig on vocals. The song has a sultry vibe to it and while the music is significantly different from the original, the verse's melody is the same.

The video features Meera dancing the night away, first with Ali Kazmi - who we haven't really seen in any other music video from the movie - and then what seems like the best sleepover ever with Amna Ilyas.

Baaji is out in cinemas today.