An Ariel ad about women's empowerment is exposing misogynists on Twitter

An Ariel ad about women's empowerment is exposing misogynists on Twitter

Tell us again how an ad that shines a light on the social stigmas women have to deal with is against religious values...
24 Jun, 2019

Masculinity so fragile, a commercial about women fighting social stigmas can cause uproar.

A recently released Ariel ad seems to have ruffled quite a few feathers; the commercial showcases phrases that society often throws at women to keep them "in their place" like "log kia kaheingay? (what will people say?)" and "chaar dewari mein raho (stay within four walls)".

We then see Pakistan's women's cricket team captain, Bisma Maroof appear on screen and state: "Yeh jumlay nahi, daagh hain. Aur yeh daagh humein kya rokeinge?"

Soon after the ad was released, #Boycott Ariel starting trending on Twitter and it seems like the brand has removed it from their official pages as well. If you're scratching your head about why, trust us, you're not alone.

Who's going to tell this guy that the ad is precisely about women making their own choices and not others dictating what we do?

Well, that's a few less sexist customers for Ariel

We're not sure what he's really against: brands using feminism as a marketing tool (which we can totally get behind) or women defining domestic and social boundaries (this part, not so much):

Apparently, the commercial goes against our values...

But this Twitter user makes an excellent counter point

Here we go again, not wasting any opportunity to hate on the Aurat March:

Even Careem and the Pakistani entertainment industry got dragged

The trolls wants Pemra to take action:

Meanwhile we're here like...

People rightly pointed out that there's nothing to get so worked up about:

In the words of Taylor Swift: you need to calm down!