A big fat desi wedding is going down in Parey Hut Love's trailer

A big fat desi wedding is going down in Parey Hut Love's trailer

But we're not sure whose. Actually there's more than one wedding, a love triangle and LOTS of special appearances.
Updated 22 Jun, 2019

After weeks of buzz and months of anticipation, the trailer for Asim Gaza's second feature film is finally out.

Parey Hut Love starring Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar and pretty much the rest of the Pakistani film industry, released its trailer yesterday:

Munawar plays the role of an aspiring actor named, well, Sheheryar who's being pressured into getting married (relatable) by his kooky family. He's not really into the idea but then he meets Saniya (Maya Ali) and things change. We're shown some chemistry between the two before it's revealed that she's already engaged to someone else (played by Shahbaz Shigri). Uh oh, that's not good.

Aside from the main leads, the film's cast also includes Ahmed Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, Hina Dilpazeer, Nadeem Baig, Rachel Viccaji, Frieha Altaf and Frieha’s daughter, Parisheh James, making her cinematic debut.

Also, there's SO many cameos! We're talking Mahira Khan, Sonya Jehan, Fawad Khan, Cybil Chaudhry, Meera and probably more that weren't revealed in the nearly three minute long trailer.

Lucky for us, Parey Hut Love comes out on Eid-ul-Azha this year so not too long a wait!


joe Jun 22, 2019 01:41pm
Kuch samajh nahi ayee.
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Reader Jun 22, 2019 02:23pm
Cheesy and cringy
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A shah Jun 22, 2019 03:51pm
Another copy of indian films?
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Anon Jun 22, 2019 06:13pm
Lavish and colourful but vulgar dialogues and scenes.
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Zara Jun 23, 2019 12:48am
Trailer is very amateurish. Sheheryar Munawar makes a film only to cast himself as the hero.
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aa Jun 23, 2019 12:34pm
like cricket our media is not in a mood to evolve with changing times. The so called well educated, open minded directors and writers think that by putting some dance moves, cheesy lines and a love story in the mix they will win audiences all over the country. Topics in the society are there to be shown, lives of heroes of the nation are waiting to be discussed but somehow a movie isn't a movie if it doesn't copy bollywood dance numbers.
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N abidai Jun 24, 2019 03:43am
It is a great trailer,there is a wedding there is intergue, love lost,or found,looks like a life journey! The cast looks beautiful !
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N abidai Jun 24, 2019 03:49am
@aa There always were dance numbers,and music ,since Pakistani cinema continue after partition. Even in 100 yrs of film making ,BW still continue with dance and music that is a very important part of BW. At least Pakistani now giving many new stories,from dramas,comedy,fantasy,action,and realties based films! Over the top criticism about Pakistani films who are actually doing good job,with small budgets!
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