They grow up so fast!
They grow up so fast!

Stranger Things is ready to have its own Endgame as our kids return for a final battle that will be grander than ever.

The final trailer for season 3 is out and unlike the last trailer that took us on a nostalgic trip to the 80's, this one lets us know that we'll be on the edge of our seats during each episode.

Eleven - who is now living her life as Jane - may have closed the gate but something went horribly wrong as all the demogorgens, demodogs and the Mind Flayer are back to take over the world. From the looks of it, the Mind Flayer can communicate with our telepath and now has a new host, Billy. Our squad must rally up once more to take down the Upside Down.

All our characters return and we see some new faces that haven't been introduced yet but one thing's for sure, our kids are all so grown up now. It feels like just yesterday that they were so tiny!

Stranger Things 3 had been postponed for a year and is now ready for release on July 4.