However, he added that they "don’t fight much."
However, he added that they "don’t fight much."

Shahid Kapoor always looks cool and collected, doesn't he? But he reveals that he has temper issues.

During a chat session with Neha Dhupia on her show BFFs with Vogue season 3, Shahid opened up about his marriage and that it's not all rainbows and butterflies -- in fact the couple does have times when they fight and don't speak for as long as two weeks.

"I get flustered when I and Mira have a fight," he said. "That really bothers me and it takes me time to come out of it. I do lose my cool on a lot of things but no one gets to know because I control it and move on."

However, he added that they "don’t fight much."

Shahid said, "It is like once in months but sometimes it is bad. Sometimes it lasts for 15 days. But it is okay to fight. It is important to hold your own, to disagree and learn to respect the differences. It is important to give each other time so that you can talk about it together to resolve it. You have to find ways to move on without causing a reason to change."

And who makes up? He said he does!

Speaking of his wife, the actor said, "She is a very candid and normal person. She is not somebody like us – conditioned and hardened people, if I may say so, who have developed a thick skin. And it’s like we have to. We have to pull up the shields to save ourselves from things that are thrown at you for being an actor, a celebrity or anybody who is being judged."

The actor recently had a baby boy named Zain and he is his new obsession."He is so good looking that I am fanboying over him all day. He is way better looking than me.