--Photo credits: Cosmopolitan Facebook page
--Photo credits: Cosmopolitan Facebook page

On hot, hot summer days like these, we wonder how people assert climate change ain’t real.

It’s scorching today folks so stay hydrated. In fact, go get yourself a refreshing frozen dessert to cool off — you’ve earned it.

And luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the yummiest in the city. Take your pick:

Watermelon ice cream from Shori

Only for people who are super fond of the fruit!

Pretty much any thing from Bingsu

But we especially recommend the Very Berry or Nutty Nutella (which doesn't even taste like Nutella which is the best part!)

The soft serve at Easy

So smooth, so creamy.

The OG aka Mama Mia or Jet Sport

Sprinkled with a hint of nostalgia.

Take advantage of falsa season with some sorbet from Saydyz

Churned with black salt, which really takes it up a notch!

Or how about some mango Peshawari ice cream?

With real mango chunks!

A good ol' popsicle from Lush Crush

All natural and guilt-free.

Ain't nothing better than gola ganda from Dhoraji

The ultimate Karachi dessert.

Fancy a gelato from Cosmopolitan?

This one's an old favourite.