This sounds a little familiar but we'll let it pass.

In upcoming telefilm Vespa Girl, Ayeza Khan stars as a young woman who drives her deceased father's Vespa around and is harassed by society for it.

Talking about her role, Khan shared, "It's a story about a girl Nadia whose dad passes away, after which she drives his Vespa around and obviously faces some problems while doing so. People misbehave with her and she raises her voice against it. She gets "badnaam" because of social media. Sometimes even a good act can be portrayed negatively on it."

"There's a message about the videos we share on social media, People choose to be pessimistic instead of being positive. If a girl smashed the window of a car and a video of it is shared, people don't think about the reason which led her to do so; instead, they just react negatively," she added.

The telefilm also stars Shehzad Sheikh who plays Nadia's love interest, by the looks of it.

Vespa Girl has been directed by Kamran Akbar for Hum TV. It will air on the first day of Eid.