PTV will begin airing Chinese folk opera cartoon series today

PTV will begin airing Chinese folk opera cartoon series today

PNCA director Jamal Shah said that the series emphasises the similarities between the peoples of Pakistan and China
Updated 18 May, 2019

Three Drops of Blood, a Shaanxi Chinese folk opera cartoon series, which will be aired on PTV World from Saturday, was officially launched at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Friday evening.

Short clips of the animated series were shown at the ceremony jointly organised by the PNCA and Pakistan Television (PTV).

The programme began by observing a minute’s silence in memory of iconic artist Jamil Naqsh, who passed away in London two days ago. Some images of his works and of the late artist were played in the background.

“He was someone who combined skill and imagination in a beautiful manner. He had his own way of expressing ideas through display of remarkable level of skills. We respect him and will miss his presence and contributions and cherish his work always,” said PNCA Director General Jamal Shah. He also announced that a reference would be held for the late artist on May 21.

Besides shedding light on the strong ties between Pakistan and China, Mr Shah lauded the cultural exchange between the two countries which he said had been of high calibre and value.

Appreciating the continuity of expression in China and the level of investment in art and culture by the Chinese government, he said: “Art and culture engages people in an intimate manner, thereby transpiring several other levels of engagement. Art and culture inform individuals about themselves intimately. Intimate knowledge becomes strength making people informed decision makers.”

He stressed giving art and culture due space and described Three Drops of Blood an important addition to the list of programmes shown on PTV.

In his remarks about the animation series, the official said he had the chance of skimming through the storyline and believed that it would attract audience through the similarities which existed between peoples.

To be shown in six episodes, Three Drops of Blood was exclusively created by the Shaanxi Zhongshan Media Company using computer software and is in the form of two dimensional animation.

“The colours are bright and lively.It transforms costumes and facial mark in traditional opera into cartoon images with distinct personality,” chief director of the series Bai Zhijun said, introducing the production.

Three Drops of Blood, one of Fan Zdiong’s classic masterpieces, was composed in 1918. The script is derived from the Yue Wei Thatched Cottage Notes, a popular Qing Dynasty classical Chinese novel written by Ji Yun, a scholar of the Imperial Academy.

The story’s theme touches upon ancient and apocryphal issues, the emperor’s court, interpersonal relations and textual research on the classics of the upper class, meanwhile involving folklore, anecdote, medical science, divination and astrology, and the tales of gods, ghosts and goblins discussed among the lower classes.

Covering all walks of life, these stories reflect contemporary social issues, laying bare several of its contradictions besides illustrating the good and evil conduct of various social classes of the day.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Chinese Embassy, Lijian Zhao was the chief guest at the ceremony.

Originally published in Dawn, May 18th, 2019