She wasn't kidding when she said she was dedicated to prison reform.
She wasn't kidding when she said she was dedicated to prison reform.

While working towards a law degree, shooting a reality show and juggling her numerous other business ventures, Kim Kardashian West has also freed 17 inmates from prison in the last three months.

CBS News reports that the nonprofit law firm, the Decarceration Collective confirmed to the publication that Kardashian helped fund the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, led by a "mighty team of women lawyers" who have helped free the first-time nonviolent drug offenders.

"Kim Kardashian has been instrumental in funding the legal fees for vital attorney representation, transportation for newly freed prisoners so they have a ride home to their families and reentry costs related to our clients' smooth transition back into society," shared lawyer MiAngel Cody, founder of the Decarceration Collective.

"She has supported 17 prisoners' release from prison and their ongoing decarceration."

Last year, she lobbied the White House for clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, who served more than two decades of a life sentence without parole for non-violent offenses. President Donald Trump commuted her sentence and signed bipartisan legislation that gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehabilitation efforts.

Oxygen Media which is producing a documentary on Kim's efforts to free wrongly accused prisoners said in a statement Kardashian West has dedicated “personal resources” to the cause of reform.