Nasir Khan Jan gained many supporters yesterday after the social media sensation was subjected to bullying on morning show Naya Din.

Many fled to Khan Jan's side and called out the aggressive behaviour of host Mohammad Shoaib and commended Khan Jan for maintaining his calm throughout.

Nasir Khan Jan has since then opened up about the incident and released a video to thank his followers for the support.

Says Khan Jan in the post, "I am so thankful to you all for the comments and posts that supported me and my right to speak."

"I am filled with gratitude because of the positive response and I really hope that in the future I get the same positivity. It is my job to entertain you all and I will keep doing that to spread the positivity."

He also had a message for all the shows which invite guests on their platform.

"When you invite a guest on your show, please respect them. If you treat them with respect, more will happily come on your show. I wasn't aware of the questions I would be asked and what would happen on [Naya Din]."

He adds, "Whenever we go on a show, we hope to get a positive reception and to be treated nicely because they are representing us. We don't expect them to degrade us and ruin our image."