Post-event Sham expressed shock over the assault.
Post-event Sham expressed shock over the assault.

Canada-based YouTube influencers Sham Idrees (Ehtesham Idrees) and his wife Queen Froggy (Seher) who have been travelling in Pakistan for the past month to promote tourism in the country, say they were attacked during a meet and greet at Ocean Mall in Karachi this weekend.

Sham and Froggy are online public figures who create funny content on YouTube, the duo have over 1.7 million subscribers and 600k+ subscribers, respectively.

According to their reports, the couple was hounded by Ducky Bhai (Saad Ur Rehman) fans, a fellow Pakistan-based YouTuber, who chanted Ducky's name, drowning out the duo's voices during the meet. (Quick backstory: Ducky and Sham are not on friendly terms). The situation between Sham fans and Ducky fans escalated to the point of physical violence and the couple said someone from the crowd punched Froggy in the face.

Post-event Sham expressed shock over the assault. "An individual attacked my wife and this is heartbreaking. Hurting women and children is what we have come down to?" he posted on Twitter.

His wife Froggy uploaded a video on her YouTube channel to talk about the assault.

"I'm broken, I'm torn, I'm shocked and I'm hurt, not just mentally but physically. I did not expect Saad (Ducky) and his fans and fellow Youtubers to spread such hate and negativity on social media to the point that people want to go out in public and hurt a woman. The social media feud was going on between my husband and YouTubers, why was I the target? Because I'm his wife? So you have the right to hit me? I'm so scared to go out of my house."

She ended her video apologising to her young fans and their parents for the violent outbreak during the meet.

In the midst of the social media rife, Ducky Bhai tweeted echoing Sham's concern. "Just heard about the assault on Froggy at Sham's meet and greet today. This type of disgusting behavior should never be tolerated at any cost, especially on a woman. Fans should enjoy the occasion by staying in their limits. This is not what I or any other YouTuber encourage to do."

He also posted a short video and said, "This is not okay. Physical violence should not have taken place. It's sad to hear about the incident and in this situation I'm with Sham, this should not have happened. And this is going to create a huge problem in the [YouTube] community. People who were a part of violence should be ashamed of themselves."

Fellow YouTuber Zaid Ali who is also friends with Sham and Ducky, also spoke up about the matter. "I'm extremely disappointed by the act of assault on Froggy. No one should be dehumanized to the extent where violence against them is acceptable. Behavior like this is not promoted under any circumstance. You can voice your disagreement w/ words but please don't resort to violence."

In a previous video, Zaid retraced the feud between Sham and Ducky explaining that: "It started with Ducky Bhai creating a funny video on Sham Idrees, he (Sham) had the video deleted, he had his Facebook fan page deleted, which had over 2 lakh fans that he had worked tirelessly to collect."

The two had a falling out since and it got aggravated when Sham called Ducky to collaborate with him during his trip in Pakistan and persistently tried to reach him. He recorded their exchange even though Ducky told him that he didn't want anything to do with him.

Images has reached out to Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy for a comment and is awaiting a response.