Meesha Shafi sends Ali Zafar a defamation notice, asks for a public apology

Meesha Shafi sends Ali Zafar a defamation notice, asks for a public apology

Shafi has also asked Zafar to pay Rs 200 crore as compensation for loss and damage to her reputation.
01 May, 2019

On Wednesday popstar Meesha Shafi's legal team shared that they had sent Ali Zafar a legal notice for defamation.

The legal notice, shared on Twitter by lawyer and digital rights activist Nighat Dad, says: "In a statement aired on Hum News on 27th April 2019 (a link of which you have posted on your Twitter account also) you falsely claimed and published that our client is lying and has made false sexual harassment allegations against you just to get fame and recognitions so as to get Canadian immigration. In addition to the same, you have also claimed that our client wants to become Malala, thereby implying that Malala also fabricated a false story like Meesha just to gain international recognition and immigration of a foreign country. You have also knowingly and falsely claimed/published that our client's case against you has been dismissed by the ombudsperson against sexual harassment and that you have been exonerated from all charges of sexual harassment."

The notice also references an appearance by Zafar on Shahzad Iqbal's TV programme, and further asks Zafar to tender a public apology and pay Rs200 crore in "compensation for the loss and damage to our client's reputation."

Last week, while speaking to the media outside the court, Ali Zafar said: "The campaign that is running against me based on lies and is still being propagated against me on social media, because of which a lot of fake accounts have been made, we've told the FIA to investigate this because it classifies as cyber bullying and it falls under cyber crime."

"Can anyone get up tomorrow - for personal gains - accuse an innocent man [of sexual harassment] on Twitter/social media and then go to Canada for immigration. Should this be allowed?"

He added: "The facts are in front of you and as I have said, this has been done with a proper plan in place. This was done targeting me for personal gains. Has it been done because she's moving to Canada and going through immigration and wants to become an international icon like Malala? This I don't know, you'd know better."

He also said: "Meesha Shafi's case [against me] has been dismissed and the appeal has also been dismissed, so in the eyes of the law I am innocent."

Images has reached out to Zafar's team for comment and is awaiting a response.

Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassment in April 2018. Zafar denied the accusations and initiated defamation proceedings against Shafi, which are ongoing.

This week Shafi's lawyers issued a statement saying: "In the sexual harassment case filed by Meesha, Ali Zafar has not been exonerated by any forum and the matter is pending in the Lahore High Court."