Ayesha tells us what to expect from the new episodes of hit sitcom Bulbulay
Ayesha tells us what to expect from the new episodes of hit sitcom Bulbulay

Ayesha Omar's hit sitcom Bulbalay is returning with new episodes and fans couldn't be happier.

The sitcom, also starring Nabeel, Hina Dilpazeer and Mehmood Aslam, is famous for its zany take on Pakistani family dynamics. So what should we expect from the new season?

Ayesha shares with Images, "We are coming back with fresh episodes with the entire cast and crew. The mood and the story still run along the same lines however a few new things will be there. The kids will be older and there is a new location for this season. My character will be the same one with a touch of feistiness and rebellion this time. Also there will also be more fun filled things that you will have to look forward to."

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Talking about what she appreciates about her own character, she said, "She is more elegant than before. Still keeps her rebellious streak intact. Remains to be the sensible one who is practical as always."

With the long-running success of Bulbalay, one wonders whether Ayesha plans to pursue comedy more in the future. She says she's found her role to be difficult but fulfilling, "Comedy is tough to shoot and not every actor can do it as the key to it is timing. Thankfully our director Rana Rizwan has a lot of experience and brings everything together very nicely. It does become challenging for me as it can make it hard to become creatively inspired. However, I thoroughly do enjoy comedy."