Ready Steady No looks like yet another wedding rom-com in its just released trailer

Published 26 Apr, 2019 12:30pm

Images Staff

Starring Amna Ilyas in the lead role, the film appears full of stereotypical characters we've seen too many times before

Another day, another basic rom-com movie with archetypal 'comic' characters we've seen a hundred times before.

Amna Ilyas' film Ready Steady No just got its first trailer and we really wish it had something new to offer its audience.

Amna Ilyas is a woman in love and is willing to elope with Faisal Saif but it isn't as easy as it seems, with her father doing whatever he can to stop the marriage.

While the story sounds like a nice fun idea that can also include some very nice teaching moments, we're concerned with how everything has been portrayed so far in the trailer. The characters seem very two-dimensional and stereotypical. We're kind of sick of the typical comic maulana and the kooky villain with a terrible laugh.

The Pakistani film industry has seen Laal Kabootar, Load Wedding, Cake and so many more movies of all genres that have been taking strides forward. Why do we take so many steps back when it comes to comedy?

We hope the film is better than what we've seen so far. Ready Steady No releases July 19.