Omar Shahid Hamid announces new novel about match fixing and women's cricket

Updated 25 Apr, 2019 10:09am

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The novel will feature a female protagonist: a talented cricketer named Saman Khan

Cop-turned-author Omar Shahid Hamid has revealed that his next literary work is a novel titled The Fix.

Sharing the book's jacket cover on Twitter, Hamid said that novel will launch soon.

The blurb on the cover touts the novel to be "a rivetting novel on the networks of fixing in the world of cricket."

A description further reads: "Ever since she was fifteen years old, the talented Saman Khan has only had one dream — to win a world cup for her country. Now, thanks to her own efforts as the captain, her team of talented misfits in the Pakistan Women's cricket team stand on the verge of realising that dream.

"But fate intervenes, and the team's success attracts the great corruptors of the sport, the matchfixing syndicates that captured the men's team two decades ago. Will Saman and her girls succeed where the men failed, or will history repeat itself? "

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Hamid has previously written The Prisoner, The Spinners Tale and The Party Worker.