Superstar Meera has some competition in the just released Baaji teaser

Published 23 Apr, 2019 01:09pm

Images Staff

Amna Ilyas is a girl with big dreams and they may get in the way of Meera's career

"Love me or hate me but you can never replace me," says Meera as the dramatic teaser for her much-awaited film Baaji comes to a close.

The just released teaser speeds through scenes depicting the glitzy showbiz world interspersed with the darker moments of celebrity politics.

It appears to pit Meera, "a superstar whose time is running out", against Amna Ilyas, "a girl who dares to dream girl." Osman Khalid Butt stars as a "director with a vision" who's looking for a 'classic face' to cast in his next big project. Will it be Meera or Amna Ilyas? We think the two women may not get along well for long in the film.

Ali Kazmi, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nayyar Ejaz also feature in Baaji. The film comes out June 28.