Popular RJ and TV host Dino Ali plans to make some serious waves in the Pakistani music industry in 2019.

Dino's latest track 'Jahaan' came out earlier this month and he's hopeful that it'll be a good start to a year of making music for him.

"I plan to release a couple of more music videos this year, do a few collaborations and have some surprises planned as well. My earlier tracks like Pari, Suno Zara and Tere Naal Naal were all hits. I've been very lucky in the sense that my music has always done well. But I haven't really focused properly on my music. This is the year I plan to focus on music a lot more."

About his latest track 'Jahaan', he shared that the song is from the perspective of "a guy who loves a girl and wishes the best for her even though they've broken up".

The video, though, is a little different, with a focus on people going through different emotions and phases in life. "It's a simple video... someone is going through a breakup, someone is very vain and only wants to look good all the time, someone is a lonely person sitting in a corner and thinking of someone."

The music video has been shot by Khurram Naveed, the song's music and lyrics have been produced by Masood Alam. The video has been shot at Club Havana Cigar Lounge.