The music video will feature Ayesha Toor and Kiran Khan, says the guitarist
The music video will feature Ayesha Toor and Kiran Khan, says the guitarist

The shift towards a healthy lifestyle has been growing the past few years and musician Shallum Xavier has another healthy step we should all be taking: quitting smoking.

The Fuzon guitarist has composed a track titled 'Cigarette Chor' and has wrapped up shooting for its music video.

Speaking to Images, Xavier revealed that, "The idea has been initiated by a company by the name of Incision Films. It's a song for an anti-smoking campaign."

"The video is about encouraging people to stop smoking and the harmful effects of smoking. There is also a message for the upcoming generation of Pakistan that it's a good idea not to smoke and they can get into healthier activities which'll do them much better."

He also mentioned the importance the project held for him, saying, "I was a smoker back in my late teens and early twenties and I quit a while back, so this idea was appealing to me and held importance since I've been there."

Shariq M Khan, who heads Incision Films, has directed the music video and Xavier decided to get a few more people on board for the track.

Shallum on sets of his new video
Shallum on sets of his new video

"I've been associated with Shariq for the last 3-4 years. We've worked on tracks for the Pakistan Air force and USAID. He is the one who came up to me with this idea and I took the opportunity to bring people I wanted to collab with in for the project.

For 'Cigarette Chor', Shallum got Ahmed Jahanzeb on vocals and for a touch of jazz the track has trumpets by Thomas Bergeron. Bergeron is also a music professor with experience in Broadway.

"I've known [Ahmed Jahanzeb] for so long yet I never worked with him so this was a welcome moment. Thomas came to Karachi for a while and we collaborated on a performance in Alliance Francaise and got along quite well.

He added, 'Qaiser Zain is on drums, while the music video will feature Ayesha Toor and Kiran Khan. It's always fun to collab with new people and do new things."

The music video for 'Cigarette Chor' does not have an official release dat but Shallum claims it'll be out within the week.