The restaurant's Sunday brunch impressed us with its variety and unique offerings
The restaurant's Sunday brunch impressed us with its variety and unique offerings

There's something about Sunday brunch that we just can not resist.

The relaxed timing, the company and, of course, the food, makes for a perfect weekly event and if a restaurant can take their brunch up to the next level, we're happy. Because, we really can't wake up early for breakfast on a Sunday, guys. On a Sunday.

D'Alma's 2019 started with plans for introducing brunch and now that it's been out a while, we decided to check it out.

The restaurant has quite an extensive menu for Sunday brunch and what impressed us was the variety and uniqueness of offerings. While we couldn't resist everything D'Alma had to offer, we decided to pick the top seven brunch items that you need to try.

1) Deviled eggs

Rs. 520

An appetiser for brunch? Yes, please! The best thing about D'Alma's deviled eggs are the different flavours you get within the single dish. Each egg is topped with a different filling such as pesto, ginger, wasabi and mustard.

2) Eggs benedict

Rs. 700

Sure, Eggs benedict are available in most restaurants but we were impressed by the perfect cook on the eggs in this dish, with the whites perfectly cooked and the yolk the right amount of runny. Also, the hollandaise sauce is spot on, creamery and buttery.

3) Granola

Rs. 480

D'Alma's homemade granola is an option for the health conscious. Served in Greek yogurt with fresh fruits, it is light and refreshing with the right amount of tart. If this was topped with nuts or dry fruits this would be a hit.

4) Crab omelette

Rs. 1180

The crab omelette is packed with herbs and sauteed spices that give a kick of heat in every bite. What we loved about the dish was the generous amount of crab mixed in with the egg, which justifies the considerably steep pricing. It's rare to see a crab-based breakfast option and since we love our seafood, this was a welcome addition. However, we do wish there was some cheesey element to the dish, maybe with feta, just to elevate the flavour and texture of the omelette.

5) Seafood scrambled eggs

Rs. 1270

D'Alma has dubbed their seafood based scrambled eggs the breakfast paella and not only do we see the inspiration, we are smitten by this dish. Fluffy scrambled eggs topped with feta and grilled calamari and prawns, this dish deserves the premium price tag. Also, the richness of the dish means it can be shared by two, making the bill easier to foot.

6) Breakfast tacos

Rs. 1200

Another dish meant for sharing, the breakfast tacos all have airy scrambled eggs as the filling based and are topped with a variety of goodies like sausages, steak and minced meat. Don't be deceived by their size as they are quite filling. While we loved the steak and minced meat option, the sausage and chicken variety would've been even better should they have a kick of spice.

7) French toast skewers

Rs. 450

D'Alma may have created these sweet skewers for children but we found these to be a hit as well. The serving style offers more that a visual gimmick, it's easy to eat. A crisp exterior holds the rich soft texture within and is still quite light. We would love to see a variety within the French toast skewers perhaps a caramel version and a chocolate topping.

The premium section in D'Alma's brunch option may seem steep in pricing but one look at the ingredients and the quantity and it makes sense. Overall a person can spend around Rs600 - Rs950 at D'Alma's brunch, which is the average of any cafe or restaurant. If you're one with a humongous appetite and a need for the fancy meals your bill might go up to Rs 1300 but it all depends on your order.