Game of Thrones cast share their favourite moments and it's just precious

Published 09 Apr, 2019 01:00pm

Images Staff

Can you imagine the Hound crying at the Red Wedding?

Emilia Clarke fell off her horse on her first day of shooting for Game of Thrones as Daenerys.

The actor laughed as she revealed that in a video from HBO of the GoT cast recollecting their thoughts over the last eight years of Game of Thrones. While the video is heartwarming for us to watch, we do love Emilia for breaking the ice with that story and making us all chuckle.

The video features several members of the cast - all currently alive in the show - talking about being the iconic characters that they are now and their favourite moments while being on Game of Thrones.

Can we just say how odd it is to see those clips from the previous seasons? Because, boy have they grown!

Sophie Turner reveals she learned as much from Lena Heady as Sansa did from Cersei while Heady loves all the Stark children and certainly doesn't want them all dead.

Our favourite story however was by The Hound. Sure, we expected him to say his favourite moment was battling Brienne of Tarth but that he cried during the Red Wedding? We're crying with him.

Game of Thrones is almost here - yes, it is coming - with its first episode coming out April 14.