The founder of Soul Sisters aims to tell "real stories to spark conversations around important issues"
The founder of Soul Sisters aims to tell "real stories to spark conversations around important issues"

After successfully running Soul Sisters, an all-women Facebook community, Kanwal Ahmed is now launching a digital talkshow.

We reported last year about how Kanwal, along with Nadia Patel of Sheops was selected to be part of Facebook's first Community Leadership Program; Conversations with Kanwal is being supported by that very program and hope to feature "real stories to spark conversations around important issues".

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The first episode just came out and featured the heart-wrenching story of Adeela, a mother of three who recounts her abusive marriage of 10 years and how she was finally able to escape with the support of her father:

A jarring example of how our society enables abusers is Adeeba talking about how when her husband slapped her while she was pregnant, her mother in law intervened and said it's okay, men get angry sometimes like it's a normal thing to do.

When Adeeba responded saying she's never seen her own father raise his hand, much less use it, her mother in law said that the men of her family aren't real men then. First, toxic masculinity hurts women and then internalised misogyny fosters a culture of silence.

Adeeba's story is inspiring because it has a happy ending but women shouldn't have to be this brave, we shouldn't be expected to endure domestic violence without retaliation or hesitation.

Season 1 of Conversations with Kanwal will consist of 12 episodes, with a new episode out every Sunday.

All incidents of domestic violence can be reported to the Punjab Commission, from anywhere in the province. The Commission then transfers your case to the police. You can also consult their Helpline Guide before calling or directly call them on 1043 (toll-free).

In Sindh, the CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee) has opened a Women Complaint Cell where all incidents of domestic violence can be reported. The complainant is required to come to their office after registering a complaint to fill out some paperwork. The Cell then guides you on how to take your case further.

Karachi: 021 3568 3333 Hyderabad: 022 9260222