Team 'Koi Chand Rakh' is especially upset at being snubbed
Team 'Koi Chand Rakh' is especially upset at being snubbed

After Mohsin Abbas Haider expressed his disappointment with the Lux Style Awards not nominating Meri Guriya for Best TV Drama, others have taken to social media to voice their grievances

The team behind drama Koi Chand Rakh are especially unhappy about the snub.

According to composer Shani Arshad, the drama had one of the most popular OSTs of the year but didn't make the list.

Producer Abdullah Seja spoke up for the drama as well, along with Faysal Qureshi's performance in Haiwaan.

Director Ahsan Rahim is upset that his film Teefa In Trouble has three nominations and none are related to the soundtrack which he says was "the biggest and undisputed super hit album of the year."

There was a lot of good content in 2018 and the jury at the awards had their work cut out for them. While the LSA jurors nominate artists and productions based on the work's quality rather than its popularity, it is only natural for people in the entertainment industry to be upset at the perceived snubs.

But some are more gracious about their defeat: